Custom production of cotton fibres for clothing and offset digital printing
Custom production of Cotton fibres or cotton blend fabrics for technical applications

Fabrics are obtained from long stable fiber yarns in medium high counts to guarantee technical properties such as strength, elongation and adhesion in combination with polymer-base mixes. Fabrics are available in different weights, widths and constructions. They are characterized by finishing treatments specific for their application in the offset and digital printing industry. Polyester/cotton blend fabrics can be compression molded into composites without the need of plasticizers or additional matrix or reinforcing materials. Lear more

Custom production of polyester fabrics for multiple industrial application
High-tenacity polyester fabrics

Their main application purpose is the conveyor industry. These fabrics can be as wide as 3,20 meters and are woven on rapier looms. They are equipped with carbon inlets, which prevent static electricity built up by friction against metal surfaces. These are heavy-weight, remarkably long and high tenacity fabrics. Lear more

Custom production of multi filament polyester fabrics for multiple industrial application
Multi filament polyester fabrics

Thesepolyester fabricsare characterized by excellent tenacity and resilience, high abrasion resistance, heat and crease resistance, high elasticity module and very low humidity recovery as well as good resistance to chemical and physical agents. 0.10 mm low gauge fabrics to be bonded with rubber to produce membranes. Lear more

Production of aramid fibers fabrics such as Nomex or Kevlar
Custom production of Para-aramid fibers

Aramydic multi-filament and discontinuous fiber fabrics. They combine extreme robustness with a very light weight. They prove to have higher resistance than steel when the same load is applied. Available in regular and antistatic version. Lear more

Production of meta aramid fibers fabrics
Meta-aramid fibers

Multi-filament and discontinuous aramid fiber fabrics. Flame-resistant products offering elasticity as well as an excellent dimensional stability. The resistance to flexion of meta-aramydic fabrics is unsurpassed in high temperature processing cycles. Lear more

Custom production of Nylon fabrics for multiple industrial application
Nylon fabrics

Nylon fabrics provide abrasion resistance as well as wear and tear resistance. This fabric is very light and cost effective. It offers good water resistance and can dry quickly. It also provides good wind protection.Nylon fabricscan be used for filter screens, seat materials, substrates, mesh pockets, cargo netting and other automotive applications. Nylon mesh fabrics are characterized by high tensile strength, dimensional stability, heat resistance, chemical resistance and elasticity. They are suitable for filtration, marine, healthcare and recreational equipment applications. Lear more

Production includes
Cotton fibres and cotton blend fabrics, as well as synthetic fiber fabrics for various industrial applications

Technofabric is active in the B2B market: from car manufacturing to safety (with Nomex, Aramide, PES, Polyamide yarns and more). This branch of our production mill is expanding quickly today, especially thanks to the great attention we pay to global quality, which reflects in each and every aspect of the company, certified back according to norma ISO 9001:2015.|Quality Policy

Production process

Strict control and punctual delivery allow Technofabric to be a reliable partner, deeply involved in complying with the customers’ requirements. We cooperate with our clients in production, research and development aiming at obtaining a totally customized product.


Winding, warping and sizing


Two departments are dedicated to weaving on the most sophisticated looms


We use modern sophisticated high-technology machinery for different finishing treatments and apply the most advanced information science systems in order to comply with the requirements of a more and more exacting customer base.